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"Dissent is the highest form of patriotism"

“Trash Pose”

I am more then a consumer.. I am a voter and moreover I am tired!

I am disgusted by how we are no longer even referred to as people, citizens or even voters.

We must prove we are more then just consumers.

The current atmosphere of unquenchable corporate greed and human sharecropping has left us the working class with hardly a pot to piss in. Yet is is our backs that are left to support such an unmanageable load. As the values of ingenuity and hard work are systematically replaced with the notions of entitlement and our new value gauged primarily by our culpability and or purchasing power, I beg you not to stand up, but rather to lie down.. The answer is not more but less, the future is uncertain surely it is better for us to save our energy and resources for the rising costs of tomorrow!


In the Spirit of Gandhi, but with a slightly more modern twist.

I invite you all to practice Your “Trash Pose”


Requirements of a quality “Pose”

1) Requires little to no energy exerted by said actor

2) Is maintainable for long periods of time with minor modification

3) Leaves any and all observers in a dissociative sense of wonder

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