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Not In My House!

A White House who has repeatedly said renewable energy is the answer, fails at an opportunity to put it’s money where its mouth is.

When given the opportunity by a group wanting to put solar cells back on the White House roof, the Administration commits to nothing.

I first read about this story on Suzanne Goldbergs blog on the guardian.co.uk bringing attention to this tragedy.

Put Solar On The White House

After the meeting Bill McKibben (350.org) is quoted as telling reporters:

“They refused to take the Carter-era panel that we brought with us and said they would continue their deliberative process to figure out what is appropriate for the White House someday. I told them it would be nice to deliberate as fast as possible, since that is the rate at which the planet’s climate is deteriorating.”

The White Houses response was crafted with special care and consideration:

“Representatives from the White House met with the group to discuss President Obama’s unprecedented commitment to renewable energy including more than $80 billion in the generation of renewable energy sources, expanding manufacturing capacity for clean energy technology, advancing vehicle and fuel technologies, and building a bigger, better, smarter electric grid, all while creating new, sustainable jobs…They concluded by reiterating our continued commitment to promoting renewable energy development.”


Jimmy Carter in 1979 Installs the first set of 32 solar cells on the White House to heat water for the staff mess.

In 1986 During the Regan Presidency they were removed during “roof repairs” and found there way to be installed at Unity College in Maine.

Sungevity, a California based company offered to outfit the White House with current solar technology, but the offer was declined.

(lets hope its because they are attempting to be fiscally responsible and get multiple quotes.)

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