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Karzai Considers 2010 Afghan Elections “A Success”…


1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

2. the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.

3. a successful performance or achievement

I suppose the election will be a “Success” for Mr. Karzai.

The question I suppose we should all be asking in hindsight is:

Who is this election a success for, and what will the all the rest of us loose in return?

Businessweek has the story:

While the ballot counting continues in Afghanistan today, the Independent Election Commission says about 40% of voters defied threats and attacks from the Taliban and made it to cast there vote. Extensive Irregularities” and “serious concerns” have been reported by the Free and Fair Election foundation of Afghanistan.

“The results and quality of the election will not be immediately evident,” – the U.S. Embassy

The War we are waging in Afghanistan will cost us 105 billion dollars this year alone.  Tax incentives for the middle class and pre bush tax cuts pale in comparison to the importance and drag this monetary figure imposes on our domestic financial recovery.

The US Population is currently estimated by the US Census Bureau:

US Population In July 2009 = 307,006,550

Afghan War Costs = 105,000,000,000

$105,000,000,000 / 307,006,550 = Tax Free Checks For Everyone In The US This Year For $342

If we were to instead divide these War Profiteering proceeds and divide them up tax free to each person here in the US. Everyone would receive a check for $342 for just this year! This is not to mention that our sons and mothers and fathers being kept in harms way would also be able to return home. History tells us to conquer Afghanistan is impossible at best we are renting friendship from (ex)warlords.

Now I hate to entice you by greed alone but I am pretty sure every man woman and child in America getting $342 would do more for the citizens of America (“It’s the economy stupid”) then the bribery and puppet democracy we are currently leasing.

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  1. Irais September 6, 2012

    This is both street smart and intlelginet.

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