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MPAA Inquires if ACTA Can Be Used To Block Websites such as Wikileaks?

A Story at TechDirt breaking a story from Open Acta Mexico on the MPAA questioning if it is possible to use ACTA to block controversial sites such as Wikileaks.

Apparently last week at an open information meeting at the Ministry of the Economy in Mexico about ACTA. the Report filed drew attention to two items. One being there was a representative from the MPAA attending, who asked whether or not ACTA could be used to block access to “damaging” sites like Wikileaks.

Open Acta Mexico asked, what does Wikileaks have to do with movies?

The second was that the ACTA negotiator Gilda Gonzalez Camarena, who was leading the meeting claimed negotiators met every day to update the relevant Senate commission. The question being why the Senate recently requested a full debrief on ACTA negotiators later in September if being debriefed daily?

Using Copyright as a tool for censorship so blatantly is truly appalling.

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