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Republican Party Hocks A Pledge to America:

You can read the leaked draft document here.

Brian Montopoll and Jill Jackson posted a good list of highlights from the draft:

A quick rundown:


-They still think taxes are what’s killing jobs.

-Want to take additional tax cuts equal to 20% of a dummy corporations income.

-Require their congressional seal of approval for any new regulation that adds to our countries growing payday loan.

-Make sure aforementioned dummy corporation is not exposed due to mandated coverage in the new healthcare law.


-Revisit Newly passed Healthcare law, Replace with… well no news there but I promise it doesn’t include the ability for us as a nation to have collective bargaining power for better coverage and lower premiums..

-Reverse non-discretionary spending (“spending required by law”) to pre TARP/stimulus levels (This is the politically correct way of saying Social security, Medicare and Medicaid cuts without upsetting all the sick and lazy people)

-Create strict budget caps that interest and stagflation will require we increase year after year

-Cancel TARP Payments hereafter and move Freddie and Fannie from there high-rise apartments in the sky, back out to the porch.


-Require more underling positions to research how bills can be authorized with citations of constitutionality. (Think Constitution with riders; aka finger paintings)

-Give officials at minimum 3 days to have there staff read proposed bills previous to voting against them.


-Provide our troops with the resources promised 2 wars ago

-Spend more money on failed cold war missile defense projects that are now complete 19 years after the Soviet Unions Collapse

-Some new scheme on how to enforce sanctions in Iran. Colon Powel had this one best last week on Meet the Press: the best we are going to get is “Trust and Verify” – Reagan

There are a few good points that will likely never be enacted upon but overall I think it’s the same hungry wolf dressed up in grandmas nightgown..

The best thing I read in the whole document was this quote of Jefferson:

“A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.”
-Thomas Jefferson

My single proposal: make every political job pay no more then minimum wage.. Subsequently as wages increase, every day citizens will once again experience trickle down economics and in turn be able to feed themselves and pay for electricity.

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