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Govt. Shutdown Shenanigans





All “Essential” Employees Continue Suckling…


Allowed to Fail in Order “See what would actually happen if a bank went under”



Social Security Payment Checks to be Mailed On Time & Unimpeded.


A New Proposal Increases Payments to Holding Companies of Unsecured Creditors an Offer of 21.4 % Up From a Previous 14.7%

Contingent Upon Acceptance of the Plan in it’s Entirety. (We will have to get back to you on the “additional fine print” on this one..)


Non-Essential Employees Must Sever There BlackBerry E-Tethers or Face Punishment.


Now Estimated to Only Be About 20 Billion In Claims



National Parks Will Close (No Celebretorial Recreating during Government Sponsored Mental Health Days…)


Previous Lehman Payout Were Previously Estimated to be About 60 Billion on Its 322 Billion in Allowed Claims.


National Institutes of Health Stop Accepting New Patients. (No Getting Sick or Outbreaks During Govt Sponsored Siestas)


Initially More Then 1 Trillion in Filed Claims.


Will Likely Pay For Un-worked Hours of Non-Essential Employees; But at an Elevated Cost Structure Due to Associated Fees and Penalties.


Repo 105 Transactions Boosted the Appearance of Lehmans Financial Position Near the Date of the Year-End Balance Sheet.

(Can You Say BONUSES ?)


National Weather Service Will Continue But Reduce “More Mundane” Products Such as the 5 Day Forecast…


Assume An Alter Ego (Hudson Castle) In Order To Manipulate/Offload Non-Performing Financial Risks.

(Why Transfer the Balance on That Credit Card When You Can Just Assume Another Identity With a Larger Initial Limit to Begin With.)


TREASURY DEPT: As Per Usual: Mumblings, Bumblings, Sour Gargoyle Face.. “Very Material” Impact – T. Geithner

Shortly Revised By Administration Officials:

The Treasury  Dept. Will Continue One Indispensable Role:

Holding Regular Auctions of Federal Debt, So the Government Could Borrow More Money From the Public.”



My Estimated Projected Costs of Shutting Down Our Government Per Day.

Past Government Shutdown:
NOV 23, 1981 – 1 Day
241,000 of 2,100,000 workers sent home (non-essential)
Estimated COST: 80,000,000 – 90,000,000  (Average 85,000,000)
~8.7% of Govt Employees = Non Essential

My Projected Shutdown costs in 2011
1 day

Total Number of Current Govt. Employees Currently in the US:?

8.7% (estimating same percentage essential vs non-essential employees remains unchanged)

~1,855,319 People will now find themselves Non-Essential

-US Bureau of Labor Statistics March 5th, 2010
If we only use the Consumer Price Index to revalue the $85,000,000 of 1981

to a 2010 value of $204,000,000

1981 $85,000,000  /  241,000 Non-Essential Employees =


(Estimated Non-Essential Employee cost per day 1981.)

Given these Previous Estimated costs for a single day of government shutdown in 1981

I project an estimated minimum 1,855,319 (estimated 8.7% of current 21,292,000 government employees

-US Bureau of labor statistics March 5th 2010) * $352.70 (Daily Per Employee Cost 1981) * 2.4 ( 85,000,000/204,000,000)

This gives me an estimated minimum daily Cost in 2011 to allow or elected officials shirk there responsibilities

and further burden the American taxpayer an additional $1,570,490,427.12 A Day to Shutdown.


What I See Being The General Consensus of our Current Elected Body:

We need time to spend more money in order to find a legal precedent as to who is essential and who is not within the ranks of government, and then cary out subsequent studies to gauge the impacts of possible advantages and disadvantages to manipulating this hierarchical organizational chart.


These fat necked actors are going to shirk there responsibilities to find common ground in there capacities as our elected officials, and in doing so will further burden the American taxpayer with what I project above to be a burden of more then 1.5 billion dollars a day.

This behavior is inexcusable.

Our forefathers were asked of far greater compromises

and were able to carry out there duties;

why then do we allow such non-productivity today

in an otherwise demand driven theater..

I do not blame the Fat Cat, for I too would likely gorge myself if given the chance.

I do however hold the rest of us all, myself included

to blame for allowing the current cesspool of inaction and gluttony

to have taken hold  among our current elected body.



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  1. Karina September 6, 2012

    I’m afraid I find rebaedn far to conciliatory and too much of a gentleman, and too forgiving.Why forgiving?Because the PAP have been in since 1959.In other words, the sheeple had all this time to change … if they really wanted to.Even if you don’t accept my position:The People Get The Government They Deserve..fucking hell, after 50 years…no perhaps after 20…you would say…”Hang on..how about some changes here?”The people have been bitching about the PAP FOR DECADES. Wake the fuck up. Echoing JBJ.IMO, the PAP was a ‘least bad’ choice. at least with these jokers, the little guy with a dream could do relatively ok — just have to shield yourself from the toxic part of their bullshit.No one is existentially a total individual all of the time. We are part individual and part sheeple.Man, after all is both a social and political animal. The ‘individual’ part has a ‘defect’ that wants us to control everything that has an affect on us, and sometimes we extend that boudary to be the kay-poh-kia which cannot keep their noses out of other people’s lives.The ‘social’ part’s ‘defects’1. is how we like to follow the herd, even when the herd is WRONG, and are going to be slaughtered. Blind faith, sheeple, controlled by fear and carrot (hope) and stick (threats).2. Using our social relationships to aid our rise to power so that we can control shit — and that includes others and their enterprises — so that we increase our wealth, power and influence. where possible, seek followers who have blind faith and can be puppeteered to do your bidding by carrot and stick. Better still, let them fear you a little.If you want to be free, you have to be able to tahan pain, discomfort and occasional social ostracism. Not many can do this. People need to feel some sort of ‘belonging’ for their security.Our ‘herd’ mentality is evolutionary. In early human society — just like animals — species who were able to form collectives survived better.The more technologically advanced we became, the more individually empowered we became. At the moment, in modern society, we enjoy a level of individual empowerment unimaginable to our forebears. If you can’t make a reasonably informed decision nowadays, it is better for the species that you remove yourself from the gene pool. :-)So really, there is NO EXCUSE to complain about the govt you have allowed in — on an individual basis. NO EXCUSE at all.The People Get The Government They Deserve.

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