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2012 – Prospectus

The arrival of 2012 has been long in the making but is now official. With the coming of this New Year I have made two resolutions. The first is to be more vocal with my dissent and in turn post much more frequently here. The second is to miss as few days at the gym as possible.

For a long time now I have felt like I was living in a low budget movie with a flimsy plot and poor casting.  I find myself watching this tragedy powerless to yell at the screen and able to guess how this is going end with the better part of a year still to sit and wait as the drums are beating and the GOP vulcanizes its dissent internally on how to best play the horrible hand it has dealt itself.

President Obama you have few viable moves to become re-elected. We the people have lost faith and we realize that a shiny black bullet is not a silver one. As has long been the case; Politically, it’s the economy stupid. The poor are now toothless and destitute and the middle class has been foreclosed on.  The rich are burying their treasure out of your reach and the economic buffer of our nations credit card is overdrawn. The tough decisions and questions have yet again gone unanswered.

On the upside we have found that war can be waged remotely and with little human intervention or oversight. Just keep saying the people of Iran want their freedom and the ability to democratically elect who oppresses them. Allow them to land a few more unmanned drones; this time just booby trap them with nukes so your official press release can be that building a nuke is tricky business and can sometimes go horribly wrong.



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